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Astoria Hotel

An illustrious St. Petersburg landmark, the grand Hotel Astoria sits directly across from St Isaac’s Cathedral, a short walk from leading attractions such as Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square and the Mariinsky Theatre. Since opening in 1912, our elegant Art Nouveau hotel has hosted eminent guests, from dancer Isadora Duncan to poet Sergei Yesenin. Enjoy the finest Afternoon Tea in St Petersburg in the Rotunda Lounge, unwind in the tranquil spa, and sink into the comfort of your room or suite.

Standard room prices starting from:

From € 185 : Run of House Standard room


Angleterre Hotel

Angleterre Hotel is located in the heart of St Petersburg next to St Isaac’s Cathedral, close the famous Hermitage Museum. The hotel is in walking distance from the Nevsky Prospect and all major sights.

Standard room prices starting from:

From € 110 : Run of House Standard room 


Four Seasons Lion Palace

Guarded by two marble lions at the entrance, our historic Hotel sits within the walls of a 19th-century royal palace in the Admiralteysky district, where the opulent stylings of imperial Russia are alive and well – and every bit as inspiring as they were centuries ago. From private access to iconic landmarks to an evening ride down our city’s beguiling canals, let us show you the magic of St. Petersburg. In the spirit of Russian royalty, let us offer you a glass of champagne and delicious black caviar as you decide what to explore first.


Yeltsin Library

The magnificent architectural ensemble of the Presidential Library is located in front of the Alexander Garden and Senate Square on the embankment of the Neva River. It was built in 1835 by the famous Italian artist Carlo Rossi.


Getting to the venue

St Petersburg has two airports: Pulkovo 1 serving domestic and international flights and Pulkovo 2 serving international flights. They are about 40 minutes drive from the hotels

St Petersburg has four main railway stations with international and domestic connections

  • Moscow Station (Moskovsky Vokzal) - (approx: 15mn)
  • Vitebsk Station (Vitebsky Vokzal) - (approx.: 10mn)
  • Finland Station (Finlyandskiy Vokzal) - (approx. : 20mn)
  • Ladoga Station (Ladozhskiy Vokzal) - (approx.: 35mn)


Airport transfer

Please note that transfers to the venue upon your arrival will not be provided by the FIA.

The FIA will be providing a transfer service between the conference hotel and the social event venues.

For more information on transportation in Saint Petersburg click here.

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Getting around in Saint Petersburg

The Saint Petersburg metro is undoubtedly the best bet for visitors, and covers nearly all of the city, with new stations opening almost every year. On average, the stations open at about 5:45am and close between midnight and 0:30am You can transfer from one line to the other until 0:15am.

For more information on transportation in Saint Petersburg, click here.


All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation. A visa to the Russian Federation is a document, permitting stay in Russia for a specific period of time. A visa lists entry/exit dates, your vital information, passport details and some information about the inviting party. Please note, that your Russian visa is an exit permit just like it’s an entry permit.

You will be requested to enter your passport details during the registration process, in order for the FIA to help you get your visa.

For more information on visa for Russia, click here.


The Russian ruble (RUB) is the official currency in Russia. Currency can be exchanged at banks, bureaux de change and some large hotels, though you will get a better exchange rate at the ATMs. Major credit cards are widely accepted, particularly in major tourist destinations. It is hard to get roubles outside Russia and travellers are advised to take good condition US Dollars or Euro notes to change once there.

1 RUB = 0,01574 $
1 $ = 63,4718 RUB

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Welcome desk

The welcome desk will open on Saturday 01 December at 14:00. It will be set up at the Lobby of the Astoria hotel.

Please visit the desk upon arrival. The conference team will be available to assist you with any queries.

Opening hours

  • Saturday 1 December from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday 2 December from 08:30 to 18:00
  • Monday 3 December from 08:30 to 17:30
  • Tuesday 4 December from 08:30 to 17:30
  • Wednesday 5 December from 08:30 to 17:30
  • Thursday 6 December from 08:30 to 17:30
  • Friday 7 December from 08:00 to 16:00

Meals and coffee breaks


Breakfast is included in the room rate.


Lunches will be served in between 12:30 and 14:00 at the meeting venues.

Coffee breaks

Coffee breaks will be provided from Monday to Friday at the meeting venues.

Weather and time zone

Average temperature during the first week of December will vary between +2°C and -6°C

Saint Petersburg lies in the Eastern European Time Zone. Saint Petersburg is UTC + 3 hours during Standard Time all year long.

More practical information to prepare your trip can be found here.

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